I had a great experience working with DNN Staffing.   DNN Staffing represented my company in the best possible light making it clear to the potential candidate what kind of entity we are long before we interviewed them, making the interview process much easier.  They were also able to find candidates in the field where the shortage is chronic.

Harry Gill, MD, PhD

I've used DNN Staffing now for 10+ years.  Their trained search specialists are not only experienced, they are friendly, as well.  I call upon them whenever our hospital's census goes up and we need to add nurses to our staff.  Thank you, DNN Staffing.

Raenell Smith, RN

Client Testimonials

Over the years, I've worked with several recruitment firms.  But none of them have delivered like DNN Staffing.  They complete searches FAST!  Thank you for all the great physicians and nurses you have found for us!

Dr. Lou M. Blake

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What We Do

DNN Staffing is a healthcare recruitment firm that specializes in SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) Search and Physician Search.  We offer our clients tailored recruitment programs that cater to their budgets and their organization's time constraints.  It costs money when a position isn't filled in a timely manner, and that is always in the backs of our minds when we conduct a search for one of our clients.  We treat every one of our clients' searches in a special manner, keeping our focus on quality and expediency.  This allows us to fulfill all job orders in record time.

DNN Staffing